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The Most Important Meal of the Day

A day hanging out at the beach can take a lot of you. Some head out to the beach early as the sun gently begins it's westerly course across the sky, each golden ray bestowing warmth on soft sand, and find their tummy's growling with displeasure and the need for sustenance. Others break their fast first, sating their biological hunger before heading out to toss a blanket and grab a book for few moments of summer reading...or most likely, a siesta. Either way, they find themselves seeking not just nutrition but yummy delights to fill their other senses as well as bellies. There are many such options near the gulf where you are steps away from slaking both the hunger for food and pleasure.

Beverly's La Croisette - 7401 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach

This small family owned local eatery sees visitors return yearly to get their fill of all the fresh baked goodies coming out of owner Beverly Pedaggi's kitchen. If you stop in, do not be surprised to see the staff address numerous guests by name and promptly provide their orders without first asking. And once you try the food, it will be obvious why so many return with such frequency. The menu is varied with all of the usual breakfast suspects but also includes more exciting fare such as any of the many options of eggs benedict, each as flavorful and delicious as the last or campagnard, an interesting omelet with salami and sauteed onions and Swiss cheese. There are pancakes and waffles and crepes, o my! So much to choose that there will be something for everyone.

The Frog Pond - 7390 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach

Frogs may not be what most people want to see around breakfast time but here is where that will change. A favorite among locals and visitors, this place is always hopping...and with good reason. The portions are large but dishes are better known for the way they taste. Dine under the watchful eye of an army of green frogs and you will soon forget them as you taste the amazing confection of cinnamon roll french toast and whipped butter, Jacques Cousteau omelette or the amazing and filling biscuits and gravy. As one diner put it 'Come hungry and leave happy'.

Seahorse - 800 Pass a Grille Way, St Pete beach

With a view of the canal, this local eatery offers something lovely for the eyes as well as the body. As you wait to order you can learn local history by perusing the info on the tables. You definitely get the old Florida vibe in this long time establishment. Some say the best thing on the menu is the blueberry pancakes, others say it is the cajun shrimp and grits. Still others report that the mimosas are mighty fresh. The best way to find out for yourself? Get there early because they close at 2:00 PM!

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