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Three Great Lunch/Dinner GoTo's

There are myriad things to do on the Gulf Coast on any given day; parasailing, fishing, swimming, stand up paddle boarding....the list goes on and on. Beautiful, breezy days of spring, perfect blue skies with a hint of cottony clouds sprinkled here and there, there is always a draw to the sand and surf. Being active out of doors, especially near the salty waves of the water, always helps to work up an appetite. Even simply lounging on a huge, colorful towel while nose deep in the latest novel can make your tummy grumble! The question "What do we do today? " is often eventually eclipsed by "Where do we go for lunch?". These are both viable questions and happily we have some suggestions. What ever it is that might sate your hungry, we probably have it on the beach. Below find some of our answers to one of these most basic of queries.

Gennaro's-2004 Pass-a-Grille Way, St Pete Beach

This perennial favorite of locals and visitors always pleases with fresh food that professes to have 'a taste of Italy in every bite'. According to the many rave reviews, this is what you get each time you walk in the door. From pasta to sea food and veal to pizza, there is something here to please everyone. Look for the chocolate cake!

The Wharf-2001 Pass-a-Grille Way

This place on the water always has great fresh seafood! An extra treat is the gumbo, perfect and yummy! This is a great place with an authentic beach vibe and super drinks. Reviews of visitors say it is one of the best places to 'feel like a local'.

Sea Critters-2007 Pass-a-Grille Way

This local favorite that looks like a fishing shack on the outside but has indoor and outdoor seating. Laid back vibe where you can feed the fish while you dine. Tasty seafood and drink specials.

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