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About Us

We are a Mom and Daughter and we and offer our beach house to people who are interested in coming to Pass-a-Grille for a vacation. We are not a hotel and enjoy sharing our place to people who will love and care for our beach island like we do! 

St Pete & Pass-a-Grille Vacation Rentals | St Pete | PAG Beach House

Mainly you will be working with me, Lisa I have two wonderful cleaners that help with some of the day to day issues.  I have have my graduate degree in industrial/organizational psychology, I have worked as an HR Manager in large businesses and also as a negotiator as well as have taught Psychology at a local college.


I know how important a vacation is and really do my best to make sure you have what you need to make yours special and memorable! I have hand selected (with my daughters help in many cases) all of the items in the house and I hope you enjoy the tasteful decorating and smooth layout!


These properties have been our family for a long time and we have hosted guests since the 1970's. This area is paradise and it is wonderful to own a small part of Pass-a-Grille, a neighborhood on the Island of St Pete Beach.

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