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There is still much to see and do!

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow and has foretold an early spring! Local weather has already been quite warm and we might have sent Phil an email to save him the bother of being in the lime light. Whatever the temperature in the colder areas where Phil and other marmots have the serious job of meterolgical predicting, we on the Gulf Coast often experience sun filled days. Even when the weather is not so fine, there are many things to do in or around town. There are plenty of things to do including checking out the many museums, coffee shops and restaurants that extend from the Gulf to the Bay sides of our lovely area. If you are feeling like the Phil might have been a little off with his prediction (or maybe 'spring' feels different to him than us!), below are three great options to get you out while away your day and gain a little cultural perspective, too.

50 Artworks for 50 Great Years-Museum of Fine Art, 255 Beach Dr NE, Downtown St Pete

Picture courtesy MOFA Facebook page

The Museum of Fine Art in downtown St Petersburg has a large collection spanning 4000 years set in an enhanced Palladian style building. This particular exhibit celebrates the donors and the art they have so generously shared with the public. There is much to see and it may be best to plan a day and take it slowly, walking through the ages and stopping to take in the beautiful bay as seen from the MFA Cafe and snacking on a scrumptious sandwich and delicious soup. Check out their website to see what exhibits will be showcased during your visit. For hours and and admission as well as more information call: 727-896-2667

Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination-The Dali, One Dali Blvd, Downtown St Petersburg

Picture courtesy The Dali Facebook page

Notable man of vision, an explorer of surrealism and many other mindboggling and eye catching styles, Salvador Dali moved a great many people with his varied styles of art. Another man who did the same and whose name is just as famous is Walt Disney. Though there are always wonderful exhibits going on at the incredible metal and glass building overlooking Tampa Bay, The Dali has a knack for comparing and contrasting extraordinary people through juxtaposition. This exhibit feels like it will strike as much a cord as the rest while exploring the interconnectedness of imagination. Wander the exhibits or take the docent tour, but be sure to stop in Cafe Gala which is name in honor of Dali's wife. For hours and information as well as fees, call: 727-823-3767

Shopping at John's Pass- 12901 Gulf Blvd, Madiera Beach

Photograph courtesy John's Pass facebook page

Even with a chill in the air, shopping can always be a great time. One of the best local spots for shopping and arts and entertainment of many kinds is John's Pass, a fabulous boarwalk and series of stores, restaurants and shops that provide lots to see and do. From the Florida Winery and Cuban Paradise Cigar and Cafe for adults to Beach Fun and Game or My Sandbox for the whole family, there is a lot to see! Maybe you want something sparkly or with that Florida flavor to remember the will find it here! Too much to list so click the link to prepare your next stroll on the boardwalk to watch the dolphin cruises depart and dock!

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