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Walking tour of downtown St. Pete.

Join Monica Kile as she walks you through the streets of downtown St. Pete. Learn about the history of the first fire station and how it's now a restaurant and coffee shop. One of the most popular steakhouses was once a funeral home. See some of the oldest buildings in the city, as well as the most beautiful and learn the history of their origin. Hear stories of civil rights heroes, the characters that molded St. Pete to where it is today.

Monica holds a Master's degree in Florida studies and has quite the knowledge of St. Pete history, it has made her a popular tour guide and speaker for the last 15 years.

The tour will start at 10 am and will last approximately 2 hours. Starting location will be Kahwa Coffee 204 2nd Ave S. St Pete. 33701. A free cup of coffee will be provided before or after the tour. So lace up those walking shoes and learn some amazing St. Pete history!

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