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Beach Goes Pop!

This Saturday night April 18th is the BEACH GOES POPS? Join neighbors, visitors and friends on Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida! Saturday, April 21st, Pass-a-Grille is throwing a party. The Beach Goes Pop is a festival with live music, fun vendors, and delicious food down the local streets of Pass-a-Grille.

From 3:00-5:00pm a band called,

"Peace of Woodstock" will be taking center stage!

From 5:30-7:30pm, the TomKats will be rockin' and rollin'.

From 8:00-10:00pm is the main event, where the Alter Eagles will take over the night!

Make sure you come hungry! Multiple local and great food places will be catering the festival! From smoky BBQ to delicious Italian, there is a choice for everyone!

Come join us in Pass-a-Grille for a fun local party with great music, fun people, and delicious food! :) Get your tickets now for VIP, Lounge seating, dinner, and unlimited drinks at

Get your tickets now for VIP, dinner, and unlimited drinks!

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