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Want to see all of St. Pete Beach in one view?

Grand Plaza Hotel, located on Gulf Blvd., hold a bar/ fine dining restaurant that rotates 360 degrees! Not to mention, the bar/ restaurant in on the 12th floor and has been made known for their beautiful views of St. Pete Beach and the sunsets!

Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro is one of the most unique fine dining restaurants in all of St Pete. It specializes in seafood dishes and crafted cocktails. Many reviewers have left over a 4 star review with comments like, "every meal tastes like a home cooked meal", and " "Good food, good drinks, good service and the location and view is fantastic."

so if you find yourself wanting to see more of St Pete, check out Spinners Rooftop for an experience you wont be able to forget. :)

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