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Fishing Charters what a great experience

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Ernest Hemingway would frequently wax lyrical on topic of fishing and hunting. He was not the first and will likely not be the last to find philosophy in matching skill as a predator against what would be his prey. There is an inherent visceral thrill in placing onself in opposition of nature and seeking to become victorious over her. It could be that it hearkens back to a time when man himself was just another creature vying for primacy over all other species, for survival and for pride. Times have moved forward and technological advances in agriculture and animal husbandry changed forever the way humans gather food for sustenance. What has NOT changed in any fashion is the thrill of that very chase. In fact, it may be said that the easier it is to procure goods from the local big box store, the more some of us take to our primal ways and battle nature for the elation of triumph.

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One of the best methods to fulfill this objective is through charter fishing. Getting out on a party boat is a great option if you enjoy being around a lot of people but if you are looking for a more personal experience with an award winning guide willing to impart his knowledge of all areas of fishing (ecology, weather patterns, navigation, safety and much more), you can't go wrong with local sport fishing Specialist Captain Steve Doss of Mr Lucky Charters.

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With over 40 years experience fishing off Florida's coast as well as plenty of tournaments wins under his belt, he will see to it that you have a great time and memorable tale to tell and you may also learn the local history while out and about. Taking no more than four angler's per trip will guarantee that you have time to garner his shared knowledge of what is arguably a favored past time. If engaging in battle with a massive tarpon sounds like your perfect day, call Captain Doss and book a charter today. For more information go to or call 727-418-6838

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