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Get ready to.... RUN!

No, it's not the zombie apocalpse that has so many people, of all ages, out and about running in concert this weekend! Right on the heels (no pun intended) of those resolutions is the St Pete Beach Classic, now in it's 12th year. While the first marathon was said to commemorate the run of a Greek soldier bringing news of victory from a battle at the site of Marathon, Greece to Athens in 490 B.C., the marathon as we know it today got it's start in Greece in 1896 at the first modern Olympic games. This particular series of events were started in 2004 by Wendy Johnson with 5k and 10k races as well as kids dashes. This weekends festivities, billed as 'The Perfect Running Event', includes great race courses, certified course distances, super after race foods, a bonfire and beach parties, a health and fitness expo and all around great beach fun. Even if you are not yet an athlete, it will be hard to be still if you are out and about with all this wonderful energy. For a full list of events and how to register, go to: Cheer on those with involved or just enjoy the conviviality and camaraderie the spirit this event brings to St Pete Beach!

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