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Natural Beauty-Permanent Memories-Three Artists you should know

From lush vegetation including flowering hibiscus and tenacious mangroves that hold their own by creating fresh water from saltwater, to sweeps of sugary white sand stretching for miles while gently cresting waves rise and fall with the tide, Florida's natural scenery offers a visual feast. Then there is abundant wildlife, both aquatic and land bound that demonstrates the organic diversity of life on a peninsula. Combine this with architecture both old and new and there is something for everyone to observe and enjoy, whether visiting as a tourist or a resident out and about. Though memories last a lifetime, there are ways to prolong them, and this includes photography. Fine art prints are an amazing way to re-live the bounty and beauty of Florida. Below are three different perspectives this spectacular locale to make a memory more permanent for you and your family.

Kathleen Finnerty-Finnery Fine Art Imaging

According to her website, Kathleen Finnerty has been documenting the natural world around her for more than 25 years. Her love of the natural beauty of Florida fuels her passion to preserve for future generations and this comes through in every single piece. Her fans stress that her vision captures the true essence of Florida allowing them to relive all that is so special about it.

Following a 23 year career as a writer, editor and photographer for a newspaper, John Moran left the world of journalism to concentrate full time on photographing vanishing natural Florida. This is a great boon for those seeking to get a glimpse at stunning natural beauty before it disappears forever. He seeks to document with camera what early explorers would have seen, the magic of a unique landscape born of water and blessed with beauty beyond measure.

Richard and Galina Leighton-Leighton Photography & Imaging

Richard is from Bradenton, Florida and is often in the wild with his Nikon searching for new and often overlooked subjects for his photography. He is a firm advocate of saving what is left of natural Florida and portrays the unique wild beauty of his home state through his lens. He uses a wide array of tools and software to create original photographs that are sold all over the world. Galina hails from Magnitogorsk, Russia and is a digital illustrator, programmer and graphic/web designer. Her innovative creations are sold far and wide and become more creative and interesting with each project.

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