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Things to Do and Places to Go

Through the centuries, the Pinellas Peninsula has attracted a diverse mix of people: Tocobago Indians, Spanish explorers, pioneer farmers and fishermen, real estate speculators of the 1920s, tourists, and since World War II, a tremendous influx of retirees and working people. 

The famous Pinellas beaches that beckon 20th century tourists meant little to the early settlers, who were attracted here by the sunny climate and plentiful land. Not until the early 1900s did the beaches became a focal point for development as the United States population acquired more leisure time, higher incomes, and greater mobility. The first bridge Opened on February 4, 1919, the new toll bridge was built by W. G. McAdoo, who owned property on the northern part of the island, about five miles north of the city of Pass-a-Grille. The opening of the bridge allowed McAdoo to develop his property as a beach resort, which he named St. Petersburg Beach.  Following the economic hardships of the Great Depression, Pinellas County's economy developed an orientation toward the tourist industry, with the local economy becoming predominantly based upon the provision of goods and services to the County's tourists and seasonal residents. SO please enjoy some of the wonderful island and peninsula events created for you!

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