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 As you drive through Pass-a-Grille, you will easily understand why we say we live in a little piece of Paradise. We hope you will take the time to explore our streets, lanes and visit with our merchants. Our restaurants are excellent. The cuisine is varied, from sandwiches to the catch of the day and steaks. 


PARKING-only in your designated.  Review your parking map if you have questions or the email sent to you on your final payment.  


SMOKING -The house is a non-smoking house. Please do not smoke  or vape in the house or near any open house doors or windows. 


PETS - If you brought your pets- please walk them for their potty time away from the house or patio areas and although it goes without saying, you need to pick up what they may leave.  

TRIP TO THE BEACH - Please rinse your feet after beach time before you head inside, it will keep the sand outside of the house. There is a shower attached to the house -  I also suggest shaking your towels them prior to bringing them back into your place. (Keep Sandy Towels out of the Dryer- Hang them out to dry- the sand will ruin the dryer) 
BIKES -Please take care with the bikes, so they last, please keep them off of the beach because of salt water.  The police give tickets for bikes on the beach as they can endanger our sea turtle egg nesting population. On that note-if you see a jeep going up and down the beach that’s probably Bruno (owner of the Hurricane restaurant and our local Sea Turtle Expert) if you talk with him he would be thrilled to tell you about the nests and you might even get to see some hatch or help him with a release during nesting season. Spare tubes are in laundry room, seat height 3 way tool is hanging up next to fire extinguisher in the patio and there is a pump there also. Tires should be at about 40psi. 
Trash Morning is Tuesday and Friday EARLY- Please follow the directions on the email I snet you about trash and Recycling. 
• Your Trash should go into the barrels Monday night and/or Thursday night for Tuesday and Friday AM pick-up.  
Recycle day is Friday The following items are collected for recycling & go in the Blue Recycling bins in the front area: Newspaper (including inserts), Glass (clear, green and brown), Aluminum and Steel (cans only), Plastic (all plastic bottles with a neck, which includes clear milk,  water, and soda) ON 22nd and 12th the Blue Bins need to be brought to the ROAD in front  if they are to be emptied (they are not allowed on properties to get the bins so they actually have to be placed on the front of the road)  
LAUNDRY FACILLITIES-  on 12th There is a common laundry area in the fenced in area next to the lower house. You may use it sparingly; water and electric bills run high. I ask that you please put in (or leave in your unit) $3 for each wash and dry that you use- you are welcome to use the soap and dryer sheets that I provide.   ON 22nd the Laundry is located in the bottom left garage and is Coin Operated. 
US POST OFFICE- 250 Corey Ave, St Pete Beach, FL 33706   

Please be respectful of our natural resources: 
WATER -is at a premium here in FL (let me know if you see a drip or a leak) please take care to conserve when possible- please turn off water when brushing teeth or washing dishes & try to conserve 
ELECTRICITY- bills run high- (imagine that - ha, ha!)  in order for me to keep the prices down for you- I ask that you use energy savings mode when possible (turn off lights/fans and A/C if you are not home or if you plan to leave for a few hours.   Try living with the breeze and windows open if you can. At the very least and most importantly -turn the A/C  up to 80 or warmer if you are not in the house – that way it just pulls out the humidity and when you return it will be quick to cool down.) 
I know you will enjoy your stay. If you have anything you need or if you have any questions, I am only a phone call or a text message away, 727-599-3924. 
Located at 5201 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach FL 33706 
Call: (727)367-3702 
This is an available option I have not used the service but have heard of people using it. There is an App on your smartphone for this. 
Free Beach Ride 
Established April 2009 by founder Dave Green  and designed to give back to the community  Free Beach Ride offers a simple solution for visiting guests and locals alike to move from the South end of  Pass A Grille to Johns Pass and to any of your favorite venues in between for free. Schedule in advance there is sometimes a wait. 
Vehicles can be waved down or simply call 727-776-7553              
Suncoast Beach Trolley 
Tours from Clearwater Beach south to Pass-a-Grille. The Trolleys run 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. 
(midnight on Fri. and Sat.) The Trolleys stop at beaches, restaurants and local attractions. 
Up to three children five years old or younger ride for free with an adult and affordable fullday unlimited ride passes are available. With trolleys arriving every 20 to 30 minutes between approximately at every Trolley stop along the beaches. 
Super Shuttle 
From TPA or St Pete/Clearwater airport is about $25 per person. (So I have been told but check to be sure) 
Sea Horse           Brass Monkey       
Great breakfast for a good price     Bar & Grill with great seafood 
 800 Pass a Grille Way, Saint Pete Beach, FL.     709 Gulf Way, Suite 200 St. Pete Beach, 
Phone: 727-360-1734     Florida 33706 
Open 8am-2:30pm      Phone: 727-367-7620 
Closed on Tuesdays     Hours: 11:30pm-9pm 
Breakfast & Lunch      Lunch & Dinner 
Paradise Grille                       Hurricane Seafood Restaurant       
Local Restaurant right on the water     Good seafood & great rooftop view but a 
900 Gulf Way  St Pete Beach, FL 33706     little pricey 
Phone: (727) 367-1495      809 Gulf Way  St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Hours: 8am-8pm     Phone: (727) 360-9558 
Breakfast & Lunch     Hours: 7am-11pm 
     Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Gennaro's Pizza & Restaurant       
Great Pizzeria & Italian     
2004 Pass a Grille Way  St Pete Beach
33706     Phone:
(727) 360-0563   
Hours: 8:30am-10pm     Dinner 
The Wharf          Sea Critters Cafe 
Old Bar & Grille with Good Seafood     Great Bar & Grille with really Good Seafood 
2001 Pass a Grille Way, St Pete Beach, FL     2007 Pass a Grille Way, St Pete Beach, FL 
33706      33706  
Phone:(727) 367-9469      Phone:(727) 360-3706 
Hours: 11am- 11pm     Hours: 11:30am- 9pm 
Lunch & Dinner     Lunch & Dinner 
Beverly’s La Croisette 
French inspired Food for a Great Price 
7401 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706  
Phone:(727) 360-2253  
Hours: 6:30am- 2pm 
Breakfast & Brunch          Skidders  
Cuisines: Greek, Italian, Seafood, Pizza & Pasta 
Very Good Food 
 5799 Gulf Blvd St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Phone: 727-360-1029 
Hours: 7am- 11pm 
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Frog Pond  
Largest Breakfast Portion I Have Ever Had! 
7390 Gulf Blvd  St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Phone: (727) 363-7205 
Hours: 7am-2pm 
Breakfast & Brunch          Steam & Chill  Great Coffee & Awesome Food! Local's Favorite 
7400 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach 
Phone: (727) 360-8080 
Hours: 7am-10pm 
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Café Luna 
Seafood,  Aged Stake & Vegetarian Options. 
Great Food, a Little Pricey 
 6700 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706  
Phone:(727) 360-7500 
Hours: 6pm- 10pm 

          Loews Don Cesar Hotel Restaurants 
 Sea Porch 
Great food With Sunday Brunch Options 
 3400 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Reservation Necessary 
Phone:  (727) 360-1881 
Hours: 7am- 10pm 
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
Great Mexican food, Local Favorite 
6400 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706  
Phone:(727) 367-3448  
Hours: 12pm-9pm 
 Lunch & Dinner           Loews Don Cesar Hotel -Maritana Grille 
Delicious Upscale American & Caribbean Food 
3400 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Dinner Reservation Required 
Phone:  (727) 360-1881 
Hours: 6pm- 10pm 
Basil Leaf Thai- Sushi & Noodle food, Local Favorite 
6395 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706  
Phone : (727) 360-4000  
Hours: 11:30am-10:30pm 
Lunch & Dinner 
Paradise Sweets
Pass-A-Grille's Local Ice Cream Shop 
709 Gulf Way   
St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Hours: 9 am - 9 pm 
(727) 360-5830 
Uncle Andy’s Ice Cream Parlor 
Inside the Don Cesar Building 
3400 Gulf Blvd 
St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
(727) 360-1881 
Larry’s Ice Cream 
Local Homemade Ice  Cream since 1984. 
6595 Gulf Blvd,  
St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Hours: 11am-11pm 
(727) 360-4259 

Also take a look at Shopping and Culture for more ideas. 
Muvico Baywalk 20 and Imax 
151 2nd Avenue 
St. Petersburg, FL  
 (727) 502-9573 m/theater/muvico-
              Regal Park Place 
Stadium 16 7200 U.S. 19, 
Pinellas Park, FL  
(727) 527-1930 http://www.mrmovieti
 Indoor Activities 
Ten Pin Lanes: 
1453 Pasadena Ave 
S, South Pasadena, FL 33707  
(727)381-1010                    Ice Skating 
Ice Sports Forum: 
10222 Elizabeth 
Pl, Tampa, FL (813)684-7825 
Astro Skate and 
Family Fun Center  
10001 66th St 
N  Pinellas Park, FL (727) 546-0018 
               Indoor Karting 
Tampa Bay Grand 
12350 Automobile 
Blvd Clearwater, 
FL 33762 
(727) 527-8464 http://www.tampabayg 
1912 4th St N  St 
Petersburg, FL 
(727) 822-5204 http://www.practical
cally_PIkasso/welco me.html 
Trampoline Arena 
12401 Belcher Road 
Largo, FL 
(727)-324-6772 http://www.airhea 
Xtreme Fun 
Laser Tag & Arcade 
211 93rd St N, Largo, FL 33773 
(727) 584-9876 
               Painting with a 
2527 Central Ave  St 
Petersburg, FL 
(727) 327-4488 http://www.paintin petersburg/ 
       Check Groupon & Crow Savings for deals (33706) 
Pass-a-Grille Merry Pier 
801 Pass a Grille Way St. Pete Beach, FL Phone: 727-360-1400 
Merry Pier is a local Fishing Pier and information spot to help visitors find attractions. 
Things to do: 
•    Fishing Charters on the Miss Pass-A-
•    Tropical Island Excursions on the 
Shell Key Shuttle 
•    Public fishing is available straight off 
    Merry Pier’s dock.     Dock     ref
services include rod & reel rentals, live & 
frozen bait, fishing tackle, ice cold 
reshments, soft drinks, beer, ice cream, sandwiches and snacks. 
Suncoast SEABIRD Sanctuary 
The nonprofit Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, 
Inc. is the largest wild bird hospital and bird sanctuary in the United States, based on 
the admission of up to 8,000 birds per year. 
For over 39 years, the Sanctuary has helped injured wild birds. The Sanctuary's mission is dedicated to the rescue, repair & 
rehabilitation of injured birds and then their release back into nature. 
Johns Pass 
This quaint turn-of-the-century fishing village is Pinellas County’s #1 tourist attraction. Over 
one hundred merchants inhabit the Village with unique retail shopping, a variety of 
restaurants, the local fishing fleet, dolphin watching and shelling tours, boat rentals, parasailing and jet skiing. 
1   1  ulf Blvd   adeira Beach  FL  
(727) 394-0756 
Parker Manatee Aquarium 
The Parker Manatee Aquarium, designed to house three adult manatees, holds 
nearly 60,000 gallons of water, including 
a medical pool. An exhibit area within the facility helps to educate the public about 
manatee anatomy and offers above and below water viewing.  Manatee Care 
specialists provide presentations about manatee habitat, nutrition and physiology.       eAquarium.aspx

Hurley Park 
Between 15th &16th Avenue 
Includes Tennis Courts,  Basketball Courts, Picnic Pavilions with Grills, Little League Ball Field, Children's Playground, & Restrooms. 
Pass-A-Grille Park 
Between 9th & 10th Avenue 
Includes Shuffleboards & Dog Walk 
Lido Park 
45th Ave & 1st St E 
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706  
Includes a full playground for kids, a open field, & a exercise station. 
(941) 388-5555 
Viena Del Mar Park 
302 N Isle Dr 
St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Fully equipped jungle-Jim and slide with Tennis Courts 
Starlite Dining Cruises & Dolphin Tours 
3400 Pasadena Ave South St. Pete, FL 33707 
Starlite Dining Cruises 
Enjoy the sunset, Dinner and the coastal sunset on this dazzling night out. Call for more information 727-462-2628 g/index.htm 
Dolphin Race Sea boat Adventure See dolphins surfing your boats wake. 
Call for more information 727-462-2628 
Wave Runner/ Hobie Sailboat Rentals 
Directly on the Beach 
One Block South of Crabby Bills on St. Pete Beach. For more information call (727) 360-7670 For a direct Coupon: 
Snorkeling Tour 
We will take you to some of the clearest waters around for a snorkeling adventure to look for shells 
or to observe some of the many species of marine life located in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.  
Call for more information 727-360-1998 
Horseback Trail Rides 
Cypress Breeze Farm -Trail Rides 
8690 60th St N Pinellas Park  FL       
Call for more information (727) 460-0891 
Swim with the Manatees /Dolphins 
The Florida manatees attract visitors from all over the world to see, and swim with them. 
Come aboard Captain Tim's Dolphin Tours and watch 
Florida's bottle-nosed dolphin playing in their natural Gulf of Mexico habitat. html 
Wind Surfing lessons 
Located on beautiful Tierra Verde, in Tampa Bay near St. 
Petersburg, Tampa or Clearwater on the west coast of Florida,  
Britt Vieham emphasize a fun and safe windsurfing or stand-up paddle board experience that will leave you smiling. Britt is a local Eckerd College graduate always out teaching the sport he loves. 
Please call ahead 727.656.6569 for lessons and rentals. 
Stand up Paddle boarding 
Enjoy the beautiful scenery with a tour, fitness class or a group to paddle around with. 
Segway Tours of Down Town St. Petersburg 
Experience the city of St Petersburg with ease and comfort on this historical segway tour with a knowledgeable guide. Cruise along Tampa Bay, pass the St Petersburg Pier, and coast by Victorianstyle houses. 
Call for more information  727-498-2322 
      Bike Riding 
Pinellas Trails 
Currently extending from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs and is a multi-use trail everyone can enjoy. 
Parks & Conservation Resources (727) 549-6099 
St. Pete Cycling Club 
Road Cycling

South Florida Museum & Planetarium 
VISIT OUTER SPACE: all-digital domed theater, boasting one of the most advanced projection systems in the world. Incorporating unidirectional stadium style seating and a digital 25,000 watt Dolby 5.1 surround sound system at the Bishop Planetarium, a startheater um.aspx 


Florida Holocaust Museum
55 5th St S  St Petersburg, FL 33701 
(727) 820-0100 
The fourth largest museum in the country dedicated to remembering the Holocaust, 
Tampa Museum of Arts 
120 W Gasparilla Plaza  Tampa, FL 33602 
(813) 274-8130 
Six original Monets, along with works by Fragonard, Vigee-
Lebrun, Morisot, Renoir, Cezanne and Gauguin, comprise an impressive body of French Impressionism at the St. 
Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. One of the best museums in the Southeast, the collection also includes a wealth of 
European, American, pre-Columbian and Far Eastern art, and an exquisite Steuben crystal gallery 
Music Venues 
Mahaffy Theater 
400 1st St S  St Petersburg, FL 33701 
(727) 89
National and international artists and performances.  Performances include Broadway, classical, pop, rock, comedy, dance, family, and the renowned Florida Orchestra. 
Jannus Live 
200 1st Ave N  St Petersburg, FL 33701 
(727) 565-0550 
Jannus Live, an outdoor concert venue in downtown St. Petersburg, hosts an eclectic array of touring talent as well as DJs, local acts and other events. 
Ale & Witch Bar 
111 2nd Ave NE  St Petersburg, FL 33701 
(727) 821-2533 
The Ale and the Witch is proud to feature some great local talents; from bands to solo artists. 
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and Folk, are just some of the styles you’ll hear at the Ale and the Witch. 

Beach Bars & Live Music 
1500 Pasadena Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33707  
Florida Orange  roves Winery is Florida’s original tropical fruit winery  producing over 4  different varieties of tropical wines and offering tasting and tours daily. 
Our Key Lime, Hurricane White Sangria, and Mango Momma have won so many awards we have stopped counting.  Come on in and try our award winning tropical fruit wines and you too will be saying "Finally! Wines that taste good!" 
The winery is open for tasting and tours Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
Sunday hours are from 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Tours run all day long.  Just come on in and we will take care of you. The winery is closed on all major holidays. 
Cypress Links at Mangrove Bay  
 875 62nd Ave, NE Saint Petersburg FL, 
Phone 727-551-3333 
Guest Policy Open 
Open Year Round 
9 Holes          Mangrove Bay Golf Course  
 875 62nd Ave NE Saint Petersburg 
Florida, 33702 
Phone 727-893-7800 
Guest Policy Open 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes  
Twin Brooks Golf Course  
3800 22nd Ave S Saint Petersburg 
Florida, 33711 
Phone 727-893-7445 
Guest Policy Open 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes          Turnbull Bay Golf & Country Club  
 2600 Turnbull Estates Dr New Smyrna 
Beach Florida, 32168 
Phone 877-465-8727 
Guest Policy Open 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes  
e Courses 
St. Petersburg Country Club  
2000 Country Club Way S Saint 
Petersburg Florida, 33712 
Phone 727-864-1595 
Guest must be accompanied by or 
guest of member Open Year Round 
18 Holes          Pasadena Yacht & Country Club  
 6300 Pasadena Point Blvd S Saint 
Petersburg Florida, 33707 
Phone 727-381-8337 
Guest Policy Reciprocal 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes  
Isla Del Sol Golf Yacht & Country Club  
6000 Sun Blvd Saint Petersburg 
Florida, 33715 
Phone 727-864-2417 
Guest Policy Reciprocal 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes          Vinoy Club  
501 Fifth Ave NE Saint Petersburg FL, 
Phone 727-824-1000 
Guest Policy Reciprocal 
Open Year Round 
18 Holes  
Running In the Area 
Forerunners Track Club 
Coached by Joe Burgasser- 
Track workouts every Tuesday in St. Petersburg- 6:00 PM (at St Pete College- Gibbs campus track next to athletic building)- FYI- the track is more like a square. 
BEST- Sunday morning long run- you can find whatever pace you want to run.  A group meets at 
Demons Landing Park at (Bayshore Drive & 1st Ave S. Downtown St Pete)- 6:00 am and again at 6:30 am (the 6 am group does a short loop to the Tropicana Field then brings the group back to the parking area to pick up people who prefer  to run at 6:30am).    ost of these runs are people training for Boston  NY  Chicago or Ironman. It’s a great group to hook up with and people come from all over Pinellas County to make this long run. 
Run-Mondays - 6 PM North Shore Pool Parking Lot  
Club contact: Jack Eads (727) 577-7745. Varying abilities and distances, but the group standard 
tends to be a 6-mile loop around Brightwaters. 
Swim/Run-Wednesday evening 6:00 PM Pass-A-Grille Beach (Hurley Park 17th Ave)- swim first along the beach, ½ mile or 1 mile followed by a 4 mile run (leaving from the flagpole about 7:00 
PM).  Afterward the Mad dogs sponsors a BBQ  and people watch the sunset from Pass-A-Grille Beach (Hurley Park) Directions ( 1700 Gulf Way, St. Pete Beach 33706) 
RUN-Friday Night 15K- Fridays at 6 PM Meet at: The Tavern at Bayboro 121 7th Avenue South 
(USF St. Pete Campus)  St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Contact: Jack Eads (727) 577-7745 
MASTERS SWIMMING - North Shore Pool 
 Lane Swimming- ST Pete Beach Community Pool  
Progressive Running 
Tampa FL – Practice is at University of Tampa 
 (BEST track workouts in the area- always on time & run efficiently) workouts are at UT on 
Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 6:30 and on Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM- also at 
University of Tampa track Coached by Dror Vaknin 
Professional Sports In Tampa Bay 
Things to Do 
As you might expect, the great outdoors is as natural spot for you and your pet to have fun. If your dog likes to take to the waves with you  try the dog beaches at Tierra Verde’s Fort De Soto Park and Dunedin’s Honeymoon Island State Park. 
At the very end of Pass-A-Grille, on the left side of Gulf  Way there is a small Dog beach where you can take your furry friend.  
 Well-behaved, furry friends on leash are always welcome on the Pinellas Trail. 
Shopping &Dinning 
While there are no hard-and-fast rules in place  you’ll find plenty of pet-welcoming business owners in the area’s various shopping districts. Along Eighth Avenue in Pass-aGrille, for example, the vegan Vida cafe welcomes pets for outside dining, and the street is lined with places to tie a leash while you browse. Similar scenes abound in Tarpon Springs, Gulfport, Corey Avenue in St. Pete Beach and John's Pass between Treasure Island and Madeira Beach. 
Dining out is more fun when your pet is part of the party. 
South St. Petersburg’s Chattaway Drive In (727-823-1594) is known for its casual atmosphere  its burgers and grouper sandwiches  and for live music on the patio; they’ll bring a water bowl for your pup. Safety Harbor’s Taste Café (727-723-1116) on Main Street has an ever-evolving menu, and well-behaved canine companions are always welcome at its street-side tables and outdoor patio. 
Up for a Happy Hour? When the dog’s with you  it becomes Yappy Hour. The Dunedin Brewery hosts regular pet-friendly get-togethers. 
And for dessert, point toward Paciugo (727-209-0298) on Beach Drive in downtown St. Pete for a gelato run. The view from the patio takes in Straub Park and the bobbing boats on the Bay, there are samples available for your pet (Tre Vaniglie and Pannacotta are said to be favorites)  and there’s a jar of dog biscuits by the cash register. 
Salon on the Grille 
709 Gulf Way  St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
(727) 360-7492 
Salon Mimi on Terra Verde 
106 Pinellas Bayway S  St Petersburg, FL 33715 
(727) 864-0280 
Oceana Spa- Don Cesar Hotel 
3400 Gulf Blvd  St Pete Beach, FL 33706 
(727) 363-5029 
Paradise Massage & Day Spa 
174 107th Ave  St Petersburg, Treasure Island, FL 33706 
(727) 360-4300 
Ocean Blu Spa 
4464 Central Ave Ste E St. Petersburg, FL 33711 
(727) 234-0671  

Shaner’s Land & Sea  Market 
Local Pass-A-Grille Grocery Store 
2000 Pass A Grille Way St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 
Phone:(727) 367-4292 
Hours: 8am-7pm 
4655 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach 
(727) 360-7091 
Hours: 7:30am- 10pm 
Walmart Supercenter 
3501 34th St S St Petersburg (727) 906-4647 Open 24 Hours 

Local Pass-A-Grille Shops  
My favorite store on this street is Bamboozle. They have a dress called a Designal that you can't find anywhere else for the price. 
105 8th Ave, Pass a Grille, FL 33706 
(727) 360-1166 
Evander Preston  
Evander Preston is a local crafter of fine jewelry and artwork. His styles range from whimsical and dramatic to downright outrageous! 
 106 8th Ave, Pass a Grille, FL 33706 

Shopping Malls 
Hyde Park Village 
Upscale Stores and brands 
1602 W Snow Cir  Tampa, FL 33606 
(813) 251-3500  

Pass-A-Grille Beach 
Build a huge sandcastle, play in the waves and look for sand dollars and shells behind Paradise Grille 
Merry Pier 
Go Fishing on the Merry Pier Docks and enjoy some snacks and ice cream. 
St. Petersburg Recreation Center 
Play in the pool and join in on their daily activities held at the Rec Center. 
Don Cesar 
Have dessert by the Piano bar and play at the Don Cesar Arcade. 
Seabird Sanctuary 
Look at the rescued birds at the Seabird Sanctuary 
Johns Pass 
Go on the Pirate Ship Cruise out on the Gulf of Mexico and be entertained by pirates. 
Rent Jet Skis or even a Boat. 
Fort Desoto 
Take a Canoe/Kayak ride into the mangrove flats at Ft Desoto 
Dolphin Landing Charter Boat Center 
Take a sailboat cruise behind the Dolphin Village 
Great Explorations Children's Museum 
1925 4th St N  St Petersburg, FL 33704 
(727) 821-8992 
At Great Explorations you can enjoy Interactive exhibits, a preschool, camps, field trips, workshops for parents and caregivers, as well as volunteer opportunities for young adults. 
                        Theme Parks 
Busch Gardens 
10165 N Malcolm McKinley Dr  Tampa, FL 33612 
(813) 987-5000 
This is a great Theme Park Attractions for Families. There are 9 Roller Coasters for the thrill seekers and many shows and rides for kids. 
Adventure Islands 
10001 N. McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612 
Come escape into water-soaked excitement at Adventure Island. This is a great water park with water rides & slides for all ages. 
Universal's Islands of Adventure 
6000 Universal Boulevard  Orlando, FL 32819 
Take an unforgettable journey through the uniquely themed islands of Universal’s Islands of Adventure®, where the world's most cutting edge rides, shows and interactive attractions bring your favorite stories, myths, cartoons, comic book heroes and children's tales to life. 
There is something here for everyone. 
Seaworld Orlando 
7007 Sea World Dr  Orlando, FL 32821 
(888) 800-5447 
This is a theme park great for families and children of all ages. There are different exhibits, rides & shows about sea life and Shamu. 
Walt Disney World 
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 
(407) 934-7639 
Disney World is the World Renounced Theme Park Extravaganza made of  four theme Parks:   
Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios. 
AND two Water Parks: 
Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach 
Come enjoy the wonders of Walt Disney World. 
Universal Studios 
6000 Universal Blvd  Orlando, FL 32819 
(407) 363-8000 
Step through the massive arches of Universal Studios Florida, and take a starring role in some of the biggest movies and TV shows ever created with thrilling roller coasters, shows and rides for all ages. 
Multiple federal and state laws protect Manatees from being harassed and handled . They are a endangered species so it is taken very seriously. 
Everyone must have a license to fish, from land or docks. If you go on a charter, the boat still carries the fishing license, so make a reservation on the Getaway or Miss Pass-A-Grille. 
You can now be stopped for not wearing your seat belt. The person not wearing a seat belt will be ticketed and also the driver of the vehicle will be ticketed for allowing a passenger to ride and not buckle up. 
 Speed Limits 
PASS-A-GRILLE WAY                                  25mph 
GULF WAY                                            20mph 
8TH AVENUE                                        15mph 
ALL OTHER STREETS                                  25mph 
GULF BOULEVARD (north of the Don Cesar)                   35mph 
Fishing License - If you go on a charter boat you will not need an individual license.  You do not need a license if:
•    You are under the age 16 
•    You are a non-resident fishing for recreational purposes from a licensed pier 
•     You are a resident 65 years of age or older with proof of age and residency 
Non-Resident Licenses:     3 days      $17.00 
          7 days      $30.00 
          1 year      $47.00 

In Case of Emergencies 
     Police, Fire, Ambulance...                         911 
     Non-emergency:     Police     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   (727) 363-9200 
                    Fire      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   (727) 363-9206 
    BAYFRONT CONVENIENT CARE CLINIC                    (727)367-5666 
    Location of Fire Extinguisher:              22nd Avenue House: In front of the garage  
                        12th Avenue House: Patio area 

Evacuations will be ordered 12-18 hours before Tropical storms (TS) Force Winds are expected to reach our coast. This "clearance time" is basically the length of time it takes to evacuate that many people over our existing road network. A decision to evacuate is made by the Board of County Commissioners for the entire county. It is based on recommendations from the Disaster Advisory Committee (DAC). This DAC is made up of municipal representatives, selected county departments/agencies, and other disaster related organizations. When you take into consideration the size of the storm and clearance time required, evacuation instructions/orders are often given soon after the Hurricane Watch and long before a Hurricane Warning is issued. 
The safest plan is to evacuate immediately upon orders of the DAC. You may go to a shelter if you plan to stay in the area. No pets are allowed in the shelters.. Here is a link for what to do if you have pets: 
•    You will need to take bedding with you. If you plan to evacuate the area completely be prepared to go inland and north into much traffic. Motels will fill quickly along your route. 
If  you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will keep you informed of the warnings and will expect you to follow all the safety issues as outlined. I will not allow you to stay in your unit and when evacuations are ordered, your unit will be locked and you will not be able to return to it until an all-clear order is given. 
This area has not experienced a devastating hurricane for many years. However, one can never be unprepared. The surge is the most dangerous part of the hurricane. The surge cause massive flooding. Drowning is the major cause of death for many people who have tried to "ride out the storm." 
22nd Pass-A-Grille Beach House- Please Review if you had a good time- It makes a world of difference.  (If you have a suggestion or see opportunities for improvement please let me know via email- so I can add it to the “list” of things I want to do to make your vacation better for you! )
The Price is $200 a Night or $3,000 a Month plus tax.  
(County/ State is 12% , Cleaning fee is $60-80 and Pet fee is 25$ each.)      

12th Ave Pass-A-Grille Beach House- Please Review if you had a good time- It makes a world of difference.  (If you have a suggestion or see opportunities for improvement please let me know via email- so I can add it to the “list” of things I want to do to make your vacation better for you! )
The Price is $200 a Night or $3,000 a Month plus tax.  
(County/ State is 12% , Cleaning fee is $60-80 and Pet fee is 25$ each.) 
     Starfish, Northstar, Seahorse & SandPearl House  


Thank you for choosing The Pass-A-Grille Beach House for your accommodation needs. It is my pleasure to serve as your host while you enjoy our beautiful island paradise.   
If you need anything, or if something does not seem quite right, please don't hesitate to contact me. My goal is for you to have a fun-filled, memory- making stay at the beach house. 
My best advertising is word of mouth. Please tell your friends and family about your stay at the beach house. 
Checking Out 
Prior to leaving, please sign our guest book with highlights of your stay and recommendations of restaurants, shops or activities which you enjoyed for future guests. 

Please, leave the house as you found it- please leave the door unlocked & if you text feel free to let me know when you depart if you  are leaving earlier than your check out time. It gives me extra time. 
•    Please Strip bed linens and towels and put those in the laundry hamper or a pile. Please leave everything else neat we will do all the actual cleaning just it helps if dishes are done and up and things are in order. 
•     If you can start the washing machine with the sheets or towels before you depart that would be very helpful!  
Thank you for your help. I hope to see you again next year. 
Have a safe trip home, 


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