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Why are all those people running on the Beach?

Who knew that there would be so many beach runners and what are they running from? Well PAG has had running events for years I remember my Dad running along the beach back in the early 1970's! The St Pete Road Runners has a Beach running series that goes from June through August once a month on Friday Nights. Its a lot of fun and eveyone is invited to attend. In full running and friendly tradition there is an afterparty at the Hurricane resturant with a DJ and of course a beautiful Sunset in the backdrop. You can register in advance or the day of the race. The run starts at 7:00 Pm and there is even a kids 200m run at 6:30!

Join the fun or check out this website for more information. Remember if you see a group or runners they are headed to the afterparty so even if you dont make the run you can always mix and mingle afterward at the Hurricane!

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