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Gone Fishin'

Few hobbies or occupations engage people so greatly as fishing. There are many anglers out there who take it incredibly seriously and spend copious amounts of money and time to engage at important play. And with good reason: there is something very zen-like about seeking out the perfect spot, settling in for the day (or night), baiting the hook and casting. With the whir-zzzzzzzzzing of the line being flung to precisely where you like or reeling it in to aim for a better spot, there is something very in-the-moment about this activity that makes it soothing to the soul. It is often (though certainly not always) more about being aloft on a piling or swaying on a boat than the catch itself. Hello, it is called 'fishing' not 'catching'! Should you be lucky or skilled enough to catch something, for release or to keep, that is icing on the cake. Again we are lucky to be in such a great position to find places for the most casual of seekers of zen to the most robust seekers of fish. Below are a few of our favorite options. Be sure to check into necessary licensure and also what might be in season before settling in with your rod and reel.

Shell Key Shuttle & Sunset Cruise-801 Pass-a-Grille Way

This local group offers low key eco tours, the shuttle, sunset cruises and private charters. Did I mention that the cruise is dog friendly? See their page for 'Howl at the Moon' as well information on the Audubon mission and other great info. Phone for more information: 727-360-1348.

Photo courtesy of Genevive Maples

Miss Pass-A-Grille-801 Pass-A-Grille Way

One of the most popular trips is on the 51' Party boat the Miss Pass-A-Grille. Locals and visitors alike rave about the fantastic time fishing and just bobbing along in the water. Reviews often include things such as 'I have been on many fishing charters and this is by far the best one' and the most interesting 'We went out this past week as part of our honeymoon'. For more information and to plan your own fabulous fishing time phone:727-367-9833.

Photos Courtesy of Genevive Maples

Hubbard's Marina-170 John's Pass Boardwalk, Madeira Beach

Also hugely popular is local Hubbard's Marina located at John's Pass in Madeira Beach. This spot has been a draw for tourists and locals for many years due it's waterfront boardwalk and the many shops and restaurants. The big draw, however, may be the charters leaving from this location. Head out with your crew and catch dinner, or engage in the wonderful past time of catch and release. For schedules and more information, call 727-393-1947.

Photo courtesy of Genevive Maples

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