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What's for dinner?

Photo courtesy of the The Wharf

What's for dinner? This is an old question that baffles and causes consternation every day, be it a married couple of many years or a young family with lots of kiddos. There is almost no question that stymies so many of us daily. Luckily for we on the Gulf Coast, there are many answer to this age old question. Below, find some of our answers and see if they don't work out just as well for you!

The Wharf Restaurant & Bar: 2001 Pass-a-Grille Way

Photo Courtesy of the The Wharf

This historic location affords a great view of Tierra Verde and Shell Island but the draw here is the food and atmosphere. The Wharf lists it specials daily on a chalk board for all to see, as well as on their facebook page. Featuring live music, 15 tvs carrying all the great sports games, a full liquor bar and multiple happy hours, this is a place one can relax and have a good time while enjoying great made to order food and beverages.

Sea Critters Cafe: 2007 Pass-a-Grille Way

Photo courtsey of Sea Critters

Sea Critters Cafe is situated right on the water and immediately calls to mind an island vibe. With indoor and outdoor dining, along with a boat dock, the ambience here allows one to step away from the everday and relax in a casual, fun setting. Frequent visitors to Sea Critters include an abundance of catfish which gather by the deck and people watch as the people watch them. With a menu that ranges from pasta and sandwiches to chicken and steaks but, most naturally, sea food, there is something here for everyone.

Gennaro's: 2004 Pass-a-Grille Way

Photo Courtesy of Gennaro's

This staple of 25 years for those in the know offers something a little different in the form of Italian recipes passed down through the years-and just like a fine wine, getting better with age. This is home made fare with all comfort that suggests. Have a glass of wine and enjoy a delicious meal featuring chicken, veal, pasta and pizza. Whatever you order, you will walk away happy and sated.

The Brass Monkey: 709 Gulf Way,Suite 200

Photo courtesy of The Brass Monkey

This family run establishment states that they 'overlook no one but the gulf', and they do this in style with great food and service. Hailing from the Maryland Chesapeake Bay area, they know good sea food and don't hesitate to share their knowledge. One of the big draws here are the football specials, and no surprise there as they are, naturally, Ravens fans and during the season you can a flock of a different kind enjoying the food as well as the views.

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