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Be My Valentine

Sometimes the best part of valentine is to spend the day in the company of a person you love. Your child, your spouse, your partner or even your parent or best friend. With that in mind, below you will find three local laid-back ideas/suggestions to celebrate your affection for the special person in your life

There is something a little decadent about the idea of walking on a beach with your sweetheart holding an ice cream cone while the rest of the nation battles snow and super chilly temperatures. In addition, far less yummy ice cream lost to the rays of the sun! This delicious destination is located in the beautiful Loews Don Cesar Hotel and should you find the idea of a brisk walk with cool cream too much, simply stay inside this super cute parlo and sit at one of the pretty tables while you share some sweet with your sweet. Open 6 am to 10 pm.

Paradise Bazaar Art Vendors-Paradise Grille, 900 Gulf Way, Pass-a-Grille Beach

This is event is held year round, if the weather allows, from 9 am to 4 pm. Located at the Paradise Grille, where you can also get some great food while you peruse the wares, this is a great way to fulfill your thirst for art while you while away some time with the one who has your heart! For more information contact


Teach a man to fish he eats for a day, fish with your beloved, you get the best day ever. Over the top saccharine sweetness can fade away to stunning simplicity of casting out while your lady love baits her hook. It can't be more low key than this but for a great many people, this would be the ideal way to celebrate Valentine's Day. If you are not into chateaubriand but love the sand under your feet, bring a rod and reel embrace this alternative to Hallmark moments. If you don't have gear, maybe stop by the Merry Pier to get hooked up for this special day.

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