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Need a break from your break? Top 4 Kitschy Little Towns

Many people are aware the Gulf Coast can lay claim to sugary beaches, amazing sunsets and delightful days in the salty spray. Lazing the days away with a good book and working on a tan or just allowing the soothing breezes to wash over you can rejuvenate.

For others, though, shopping, galleries and concerts can be equally as cathartic and the Gulf Coast is not lacking in that opportunity. From quaint downtown main streets to the arty urban vibe of a small city, we have it all.

Gulfport-9 miles from PAG

One of the area's best kept secrets, Gulfport is known as an artists community anchored by the historic quonset hut Gulfport Casino which sits right on the beach, making it the perfect venue for nightly dance lessons, weddings, creaft shows and parties. The streets are lined wtih art galleries and shops as well as eclectic restaurants. Beach Boulevard is the city's main street and it is here that the twice monthly art walk is held while musicians play in the background.

St Petersburg-11.6 miles from PAG

Stroll along the sparkling waterfront to discover world class art and culture, shopping and sports and more than 1000 special events a year. Walk Central Avenue and Beach Drive for galleries, shops, museums, bars and restaurants with a view of Tampa Bay. Craft beers are a rapidly expanding niche many like to explore around town.

Dunedin-32.4 miles from PAG

Founded by Scottish families, this little burg is known for art galleries and antique shops as well as taverns and inns to add a little night life. The Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail also runs perpendicular to Main Street and several shops cater to those who use the trail. Dunedin is a lovely destination for a quaint romantic adventure for dining and shopping.

Tarpon Springs-40.1 miles from PAG

Boasting the largest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the United States Tarpon Springs is world famous for its Sponge Docks, not unlike the sea-side villages found in Greece. Dodecanese Boulevard is the route to exploring Greek culture and cuisine. Tarpon Avenue is the Downtown's Main Street and features many shops and restaurants, including many antique shops featuring specialty items. There are also several night clubs so the fun can extend beyond sunset. Between the Sponge Docks and Tarpon Avenue along with the unusual feel of the area, Tarpon Springs is worth a visit.

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